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FirstMile CEO Featured in SmartHustle: Why I Use Two Different Names When I Started my business

Why I Use Two Different Names When I Started my business

By: Devin Johnson

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 I was both Clyde and Devin in the early days—Clyde by day,... Read More

The Consumers Perspective and a little bit of Advice

Nobody’s Perfect

Shipping and logistics is always changing and as you probably already know, new services are being offered regularly. Carriers are either changing the names of each product, or there is... Read More

The Short and Simple Advice to Shipping

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Shipping 101 Pt. 1 The “Work Share” Program – what to do about it and how to save!

If you have a growing business in the e-commerce space and your customers are demanding low cost or no cost expedited shipping solutions you are not alone.

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Free Shipping, Now what?

You have a growing e-commerce business selling on Amazon, E-Bay, Etsy and more. You are spending a fortune in shipping with UPS, FedEx or the US Post Office, now what?

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E-Commerce Shipping Made Easy


If you are already in the E-Commerce business I bet you are mind blown already because you just read the words ‘E-Commerce Shipping Made Easy’. You may be thinking... Read More

Competing with Goliath

Amazon has set the bar fairly high for new entrepreneurs to launch online stores. They have also set the standard for shipping and customer service. We all love Amazon and... Read More