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Choosing What Software to Use

What are barcode inventory systems? Well it starts with the barcode scanner that grabs the information from the barcode image and transfers it to a computer. The computer holds all the barcode data and information from the barcode. This is where the barcode system comes in that organizes and sorts all the barcode data into a database. It will make the processing and scanning more efficient. The system will allow you to look up any code and have the product description linked to the code. There are a couple of different options that you can use for a barcoding inventory system for you small business.

Below a couple barcode scanner softwares have been listed.

Fishbowl Inventory System: The Fishbowl inventory software will only integrate with Quickbooks. This will allow your accounting and inventory to be synced. Both will be accessible and merged in one specific place. The only down side to merging the new systems will be if the inventory or accounting are off then both will be affected. Fishbowl is a fully featured inventory software system which does come with a pretty price tag. It may seem expensive in the beginning but it will save you a lot of time in the long run. Fishbowl is considered to be more of a traditional system as it relates to a sales aspect. The system will assign you a sales representative and will need to be paid every time support is needed. Though they are available both via phone/email so they are very accessible when help is needed.

InFlow: This is one of the most used inventory software for small businesses. It allows you to both track and manage your orders, invoices, profits and reports. This free barcode inventory system will allow you to import and export any data. If you are on the system and need help InFlow gives you the accessibility to assistance through online tutorials, one on one support chats and phone/email. If you are wanting a sales representative then this system won’t be a good fit. This system does not assign you a sales representative. This barcode system for small businesses is free but will need to purchase a higher end version of the system if you need to store more than 100 products/customers.

These are just a couple systems that you can find throughout the web that offer both inventory and accounting systems. These systems will help you keep track and stay on top of your work load throughout the year. Embracing the fast based world means fulfilling your products faster in order to keep up with the demand. Investing in a inventory and barcode system will help you keep up with the fast paced e-commerce industry. Go ahead, read up on different inventory systems that might be a better fit for you e-commerce business.