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Labeling Right

Printing your shipping labels can be very easy. Making and printing labels will save you time and money. Continue reading to learn how to make shipping labels easily!

You can create barcodes in Word quickly and easily. You can find labels at office supply stores that have Microsoft Word templates designed specifically for them. It is easy to copy and paste your barcode label into these templates. Though there is another option which includes writing out product codes. You could decide to handwrite your product codes which can be converted to barcodes by changing the font in Microsoft Word.

Once you decide which shipping label to use, you will want to make sure it is compatible with your existing printer. It could be as hard as picking out tomorrow’s outfit. Printing shipping labels on your own will allow you to control your product, barcodes, and scanning. Scanning your barcodes on the labels will help keep your company organized and in sync.

Creating shipping labels for your products will allow you, with the aid of a barcode scanner, to digitize the shipping and tracking process. If you are a small business and on a budget then a laser barcode scanner is the way to go.