Domestic & International Ecommerce Shipping
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For companies interested in learning more about how FirstMile's domestic and international ecommerce shipping can help their business by decreasing shipping costs and increasing efficiency, please complete the following questionnaire.
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Business Personal
Bound and Printed Matter (books, directories, guides…) Light Parcel under 1lb (general merchandise) Parcels over 1lb (general merchandise) Parcels over 5lbs Parcels 10 lbs and heavier
2-4 day transit 5-10 day transit Tracking Delivery confirmation
U.S. Europe Australia / Pacific Rim Latin America Canada Mexico Asia Middle East / Africa
On Demand Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly Biannually Annually
1oz to 10 oz
10oz to 1lb
1lb to 3lb
3lb to 5 lb
5lb-10 lb
Firstmile Vehicles Customer Referral Referral from Firstmile partner Internet search Received package from Firstmile Radio Top Golf Tradeshow Social Media Magazine Other
UPS Fedex USPS Other