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Get Barcoded

Think of a barcode as an identification for every single product that you see and own. Picture this, a carton of eggs could really be classified as the barcode on the package, 675849. Barcodes become a pseudonym for the product they represent. Every purchased product could be simply referenced by its barcode number and not its name. What if people started to be classified as barcoding. Dun, dun, dun.. Scary.

The lowdown on how to generate barcodes: the easiest way to simplify your barcode names is to keep it to a minimum of 7 or less characters. Listed below are a couple examples of barcode numbers/names made easier. The greatest asset is you can do whatever you want with the name/number you assign your product. If you want it fancy then make it fancy or the opposite, it is your choice. The beauty of barcoding is it will expedite the process of e-commerce shipping. You will be able to send your products to your customers quickly and efficiently.


Description                                      Barcode #

T-shirt                                                    TS

Mens                                                       M

Large                                                      LG

Style code(women’s dress)       12WD45


If you want to download barcode fonts there is a great website, There are only great websites available through just searching on the website.

After generating barcodes/scans you can can print them out through your own computer. You will then want to use a high quality scanner that will be able to read the barcodes. The best part about barcodes is you can decide how much you want to spend. Though if you decide to use an alternate route for barcoding it can be costly. There are companies that can price this out for you if you would like to use their services.

Barcoding will only be beneficial if you have a reliable shipper. That’s where e-commerce shipping comes in. Without a quick process of product organization and management, product fulfillment can be greatly inhibited.