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Do You Have a solid Shipping Strategy?

If you are currently a business owner you are most likely creating your brand every day right? It’s the face of who your company is but when it comes to shipping you’re most likely not delivering your products on your own but someone else is who probably doesn’t care about your personal brand as much as you do. Shopify says it right, “It can feel like you’re handing your brand over to a stranger…With some thought and planning, however, it doesn’t have to feel that way – which is a good thing, because shipping is a key part of your business. It’s the point where a customer finally experiences your product in person, and it can also represent a major expense in your business, depending on your shipping strategy.”

If you are not already working on your small business shipping strategy, maybe start considering it because there are constantly new products you could be using that you might be unaware of. Better yet, this is where FirstMile can be of use; your sales rep will always be introducing new products to you that will most likely fit your company better than your average shipping options. Plus you will be saving money! We want to briefly review some of the basics in choosing your strategy and questions to ask you. (Information from Shopify)


Shipping Basics

All shipping couriers base-shipping rates on a variety of factors including: Package size, package weight, origin country, destination country, plus additional shipping options like tracking and insurance.

  • Product weights
    • If you have multiple packages what are the weights and dimensions of each one.
  • Packaging
    • Will you design your own or simply ship your package in whatever your source already has?
  • Insurance and tracking
    • What is the value of your product and is it replaceable?
  • International Shipping
    • Customs declaration and forms
    • Tariffs, taxes and duties
  • Labeling
  • Using a fulfillment warehouse
  • “There are a number of advantages to using a fulfillment warehouse including: Cheaper shipping rates, shorter shipping times.”

In conclusion your shipping strategy is very important for you business, if you already have established yours keep reviewing these basics and make sure you are utilizing the best sources for your business and if you need help we can help you here at FirstMile.